Tony Peacock

Digital Growth Consultant

Tony Peacock

SaaS Application Expert

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Tony Peacock

Tony Peacock

Growth Consultant / Software Developer / Digital Innovator

Well-rounded SaaS Application Expert with over twenty-five years of software product experience including architecture, design, development, and digital marketing. Utilizing agile/scrum and lean methodologies to build and manage cloud-based software. Experience leading globally dispersed teams to build and manage complex large-scale projects. 



Work Experience

Dealership Tools

Co-Founder - April 2012 - Present

  • Architected and built a multi-tenant boat dealership marketing platform with inventory management system integrated with third party directories
  • Analyzed dealership performance and helped clients improve their sales and operational efficiency
  • Provided technical vision for expanding the system into a full content management and marketing solution
Key Accomplishments
  • Implemented a marketing strategy which increased web visibility and leads by 400% for a flagship client
  • Drove business growth through networking and relationship management, ensuring client retention by establishing and maintaining trusted business relationships

Peacock Studios

Founder - August 2007 - Present

  • Envisioned and led build of franchised ecommerce platform and multiple shopping websites to expand digital presence for key client
  • Managed the construction of several custom web and mobile applications for clients in a variety of industries
  • Increased operational efficiency for multiple clients through build and implementation of custom web applications for managing business and data processes
  • Led product development and project managers to ensure software architecture, scope, timelines and budgets were realized
Key Accomplishments

Community Brands

Director of Product Development - August 2016 - Present

  • Served as interim Product Director/Scrum Master while maintaining full Development Manager duties
  • Coordinate with various cross-functional team members from initial product concept through final product launch
  • Lead/mentor a team of globally dispersed software engineers to ensure collaboration across design, engineering, and product
  • Drive implementation of integration strategies and standards for multiple technology stacks
  • Integrate with API team to replace outdated code, architecture and technical debt
  • Expand application features through integration with internal and external SaaS platforms
Key Accomplishments
  • Led migration of legacy applications to AWS cloud platform within aggressive timeline
  • Increased product management efficiencies as provisional Product Director by developing product roadmap and implementing streamlined processes
  • Drove project completion and established accurate capacity measurements as provisional Scrum Master
  • Increased overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO) positioning for a multi-tenant Job Board platform

GCA Technology Services

VP of Web Technology & Marketing - July 2014 - April 2016

  • Managed technology and digital marketing teams and projects, including third-party vendors and contractors, using Agile/Scrum principles and lean methodologies to ensure delivery of objectives within project scope
  • Led rebuild of learning management product including state-of-the-art feed management software to configure, consume, parse and process incoming data delivered in a multitude of data structures
  • Fostered an environment of innovation through introduction of web-based collaboration tools, collaborative processes, and best practices across the enterprise
  • Recruited global engineering talent and established a high-performing team by identifying the developmental needs of team members and coaching to improve knowledge and skills
Key Accomplishments
  • Increased efficiency within project management team and across divisions through ongoing coaching and support around adoption of automated tools and processes
  • Led and strategized digital marketing initiative increasing relevant targeted traffic and lead generation using microsites, SEO and advertising

GCA Technology Services

Web Technology Manager - June 2006 - July 2009

  • Led team that designed, developed, implemented, and maintained web sites and web-based applications, including the company Internet and Intranet sites
  • Accountable for overall structure, functionality, security, and performance of Web sites and Web-based systems
  • Oversaw full life-cycle development of system and software projects in an SOP-driven environment
Key Accomplishments
  • Redesigned and constructed company website with ecommerce and search engine capabilities, doubling online traffic and sales within the first year
  • Created separate services specific website that generated a lead within two weeks of launch which converted to company’s largest client
  • Led web-based automation project to reduce response time to leads by 50%

Creative Business Solutions

Web Technology Manager - January 2002 - January 2006

  • Established a rapid development workflow based on reusable code libraries
  • Capitalized on emerging opportunities to position the business as top-of-class solutions provider
Key Accomplishments
  • Designed and developed a large-scale property management platform powering hundreds of domains
  • Built location specific microsites increasing sales 200% in one year



  • 20+ yrs
    Team Leadership 20+ yrs
  • 15 yrs
    Product Development 15 yrs
  • 15 yrs
    Process Automation 15 yrs


  • 17 yrs
    Programming 17 yrs
  • 15 yrs
    Database Administration 15 yrs
  • 14 yrs
    Software Architecture 14 yrs
  • 10 yrs
    Project Management 10 yrs
  • 10 yrs
    Infrastructure Administration 8 yrs
    10 yrs
    Systems Automation 8 yrs
    4 yrs
    Cloud Administration 4 yrs


  • 20+ yrs
    Graphic Design & Branding 20+ yrs
    18 yrs
    Website Design 18 yrs
    11 yrs
    SEF / SEO 11 yrs
  • 9 yrs
    Email Marketing 9 yrs
  • 9 yrs
    PPC Campaigns 9 yrs
  • 7 yrs
    Social Marketing 7 yrs
  • 6 yrs
    Content Marketing 6 yrs
  • 6 yrs
    Marketing Automation 6 yrs



  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Coldfusion
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • JSON / XML

  • OOC (SOLID) Principles


  • Windows/IIS
  • AWS


  • MS SQL
  • MySQL


  • Agile (Scrum,SAFe)
  • Lean
  • Waterfall
  • SVN/Git


  • Accessibility (WCAG/508)
  • Data Privacy (GDPR)
  • Ecommerce (PCI)


Computer Science

St. Petersburg College - 1995 - 1998

Major studies focused on software programming and web development, with minor studies on marine biology.



Scrum Alliance, License: 000288411 2013

Certified in agile project management methodologies using scrum principles

ITIL Foundation

ITSM Academy 2006

Trained in practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business



I am married to a very supporting and loving wife and the proud father of two kids; one girl and one boy. Most of my free time is spent with my family.


I am a frequent guest at Orange Theory fitness and like to work on my cardio endurance. I can't seem to keep up with my wife, but I am trying.

continued education

I listen to technology and business podcasts to collect book recommendations from business leaders and entrepreneurs and then read as many as I can.



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Tampabay, Florida

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“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

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